English 6

Unit 1. What do you look like?

Lesson 1. What do you look like?


Lesson 2. Who do you look like?


Exercise (translate into English)

Lesson 3. What are your favourite clothes?

 !!!  Exercises  !!!

Lesson 4. Do you care what you look like?

Lesson 5. Can you do me a favour?

Lesson 6. Looking good


Unit 2. Clothes

Clothes. Vocabulary (HOT English) .pdf

What are they wearing? (Puzzle Time for Starters, p. 35) .pdf


Unit 3. Home, sweet home

Grammar and vocabulary revision (crossword).doc

Irregular verbs (wordsearch) - forward, diagonal, up and down .doc + key.jpg

Irregular verbs (wordsearch) ADVANCED (forward and backward, diagonal)  .pdf  + key.jpg


Unit 4. Shopping

Meals .jpg - new words

Vocabulary (pronunciation drill)

Revision: Past Simple .pdf; Present Perfect .pdf

Poem: The Flipper-Flopper Bird (Colin West) .pdf (Participle II)


Unit 5. I have a terrible headache

Vocabulary - Body parts (Fun for Movers, pp. 16-17) .pdf + Exercises (Puzzle Time for Starters, p. 31) .pdf + Exercises (Solutions Int p.34) .pdf 

Vocabulary - Illnesses and treatment + At the hospital (Fun for Movers, pp. 40-43) .pdf

What's the matter? (Puzzle Time for Flyers, p. 67) .pdf


Unit 6. What is the weather like?

Tongue twister: 'Whether the weather is warm, whether the weather is hot, we have to put up with the weather, whether we like it or not.'

Weather - Fun for Movers, pp. 18-21 .pdf

to be going to (Puzzle Time for Flyers, p. 21) .pdf 


Unit 8. Jobs


Jobs (Easy English with fun and games 5) .pdf