Farmer, farmer, can I cross the water? (a funny game for YL)

1. Players ask this question while standing on a pretend river bank, wanting to cross the river to the other side. 
2. The farmer replies ‘Yes, if you have got something yellow.’ 
3. Anyone with something yellow replies ‘Yes, I have got something yellow’ and walks across the river. 
4. Anyone who has not got something of the right colour, races across trying not to be caught. 
5. Anyone caught has to drop out and wait until the farmer has caught everyone. 
6. The game restarts and each time the farmer selects another colour. 
7. When everyone has been caught the farmer then selects the next farmer and the game restarts. 

Human Tic Tac Toe
(2017-04- 2)

For those who likes Geography

PingFong Word Power

Хочу порекомендовать хорошее приложение для телефона/планшета, которое поможет ребёнку научиться читать и поможет запомнить много английских слов на самые разные темы. 


Valentine's MixTape
(2017-02- 7)

Feeling romantic? Here are some beautiful love songs for all times. Enjoy :)

"The scientist" by Coldplay

"All you need is love" by The Beatles

"Take my breath away" by Berlin

"I just called to say I love you" by Stevie Wonder

"I will always love you" by Whitney Houston 

"My Valentine" by Paul McCartney feat. Johny Depp

Here are some more great songs about unrequited love.

"It must have been love" by Roxette

"Don't speak" by No Doubt

"Love hurts" by Incubus

What mispronunciation annoys native speakers the most?

Небольшая подборка ошибок в произношении, которые раздражают носителей английского :)


По материалам сайта 9gag, орфография и пунктуация авторов сохранены

P.S. слово MEME произносится как [miːm]

Not cold? Not loud? Let's play
(2017-01- 2)

A funny game (Fun for Movers p. ) .pdf

I have - Who has? Winter Vocabulary
(2017-01- 2)

Весёлая игра с карточками для повторения лексики по теме "Зима" и отработки глагола to have.

I have .pdf

Culture in a box

Если вы хотите принять участие в проекте по обмену посылками со школьниками из других стран, изучающими английский язык, читайте и участвуйте :)

The Big Book of Nonsense by Colin West