Lesson 5. Revision

1) Reading: [n], [e], [i], [m], [l], [w], [t], [r], [g], [k], [p]

2) Let's count! 1-10: 

How long can you jump on one foot?

How long can you stand on one leg for? 

How many girls/boys can you see?

How many cat names do you know?

How many T-shirts can you see?

How many girls with blue eyes can you see?


3) Wonderland Pre-Junior. Counting. Colours.

4) Fun with Flupe (Helen Doron)

Watch the video. Find the picture (1) I am Paul. This is my book. 2) Hi there, Flupe! 3) The dog, the cat, the sheep and the rat. 4) I see a sheep. 5) I see a girl.)


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