Passive Voice

with (какой инструмент или материал был использован), by (кто выполнил действие)

1. Заполните пропуски предлогами with или by. (source)

  1. In his childhood Tom used to be beaten ____ a stick.
  2. My parents were married ____ a priest.
  3. Molly’s bedroom wall was covered ____ posters.
  4. The house was surrounded ___ flowerbeds.
  5. His shorts were covered ___ mud.
  6. Tom had been stabbed ___ a penknife.
  7. The deer was shot ___ a hunter ___ rifle.
  8. Soup is eaten ___ a spoon.
  9. The new swimming pool has been just opened ___ the mayor.
  10. During the robbery, the manager was hit ____ a baseball bat.
  11. Extra training was provided ____ the company.
  12. This story was written ___ Agatha Christie.
  13. The bear was shot ____ a gun.
  14. Trained dogs are used ____ the police.
  15. The hall was decorated _____ pink and purple balloons.
  16. University laboratories are equipped _____ up-to-date devices.
  17. Rare books, issued ____ British publishers, are being shown at the exhibition.

2. Преобразуйте предложения из активного залога в пассивный. (source)

  1. They are now building new hospitals in the provinces.
  2. Will they publish her new novel next year?
  3. They will have completed the new petrol station by winter.
  4. The police have just arrested Jimmy on suspicion of murder.
  5. They cut the gas off because Mr. and Mrs. Green hadn’t paid their bill.
  6. They will open a new hotel next week.
  7. Our managers discuss important matters every Tuesday.
  8. The government closed the plant last year.

3. Change the following sentences into Active Voice:

  1. The newspaper is read by Jack.
  2. The ball is hit by Rajesh.
  3. The pieces of paper are not burnt by me.
  4. A new story is narrated to the students by the teacher.
  5. Are her teeth brushed by her daily?
  6. Is the cow milked by him?
  7. His face is washed by Sumit?
  8. You are not misguided by him.
  9. The door is opened by the old man.