Past Continuous (Progressive)

was/were + Ving

1. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в форме Past Continuous (source)

  1. Around me people (to talk) German, Italian and English.
  2. Robert (to talk) to some of the other guests on the terrace when Hardy came.
  3. Michael (to look) at his watch.
  4. All night long the stars (to glitter).
  5. Lizzie (to eat) and didn’t raise her head.
  6. He drank some of the wine and ate several chunks of bread while he (to wait) for his dinner to come up.
  7. The family (to prepare) for the party.
  8. She (to argue) that only Belinda knew how to treat men.
  9. A few minutes later Dixon (to hurry) through the streets to his bus stop.
  10. They moved across the room, which (to start) to fill up, to a vacant corner.

2. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в форме Past Continuous (source)

  1. They (to write) the test at this time yesterday.
  2. He (to work) in the garden from two till five o'clock.
  3. We (to watch) television the whole evening.
  4. You (to play) football at six o'clock?
  5. You (to drink) tea at seven o'clock?
  6. He (to draw) from three till four o'clock?
  7. Who (to listen) to the radio at this time?
  8. It (to rain) the whole day yesterday?
  9. They (to skate) at three o'clock?
  10. She (not to help) mother about the house from two till six.