Past Simple

V2 (Did ... V?)

1. Поставьте глаголы, стоящие в скобках, в Past Simple.

Little Emily, the minister's daughter, (to run) _________ into the house, crying as though her heart would break.
"What's wrong, dear?" (to ask)  ___________ the pastor.
"My doll! Billy (to break) ___________ it!" she (to sob - рыдать) __________.
"How (to break) _________ he __________it, Emily?"
"I (to hit) ____________ him over the head with it."


 My friend (to say) ___________  he (to know) ____________ a man with a wooden leg named Smith. 
So I (to ask) ______________ him "What was the name of his other leg?"


A man receives a phone call from his doctor.
The doctor says, "I have some good news and some bad news."
The man says, "OK, give me the good news first."
The doctor says, "The good news is, you have 24 hours to live."
The man replies, "Oh no! If that's the good news, then what's the bad news?"
The doctor says, "The bad news is, I (to forget) _________ to call you yesterday."


A four-year-old boy and his father (to go) ____________ to the beach. There (to be) ___________ a dead seagull lying on the sand. The boy (to ask) ___________ his father, "Dad, what (to happen) ___________ to the birdie?"

His dad (totell) ____________ him, "Son, the bird (to die) ___________ and (to go) ____________ to heaven."

Then the boy (to ask) ______________ , '"And God (to throw) _____________ him back down?"

2. Поставьте глаголы, стоящие в скобках, в Past Simple.

  1. Last year I (to go) ___________  to England on holiday.
  2. It (to be) ___________  fantastic.
  3. I (to visit) ___________ lots of interesting places. I (to be) ___________  with two friends of mine .
  4. In the mornings we (to walk) ___________   in the streets of London.
  5. In the evenings we (to go) ___________  to pubs.
  6. The weather (to be) ___________ strangely fine.
  7. It (not / to rain) ___________   a lot.
  8. But we (to see) ___________  some beautiful rainbows.
  9. Where (to spend / you) ___________  your last holiday?

3. When did you last ….

  • cook soup?
  • use soap?
  • ride a bike?
  • see a snake?
  • brush your teeth?
  • drink champagne/juice?
  • forget about a meeting?
  • buy a new pair of jeans/a tuxedo?
  • read an interesting book?
  • watch a great film?
  • catch a cold?
  • go to a concert?
  • meet your best friend?

4. * Exercise on questions with interrogative. Ask for the bold part of the sentence. (source)

  1. She pushed her bike.  → _________________________
  2. She carried a bag.  → _________________________
  3. We waited in the park. → _________________________
  4. The policeman arrested the thief.  → _________________________
  5. We ate fish. → _________________________
  6. She watched the match last night.   → _________________________
  7. She asked her friend because she did not know what to do. → _________________________
  8. I opened the door.  → _________________________
  9. The teacher checked our homework.  → _________________________
  10. Cindy had a dog.  → _________________________


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