father; mother; parents;

son; daughter; child; children; offspring;

brother; sister; sibling;

twins; twin brothers; twin brother; twin sisters; twin sister;

to bring up children; to raise children;

Formal words: offspring (i.e., child or children); sibling (i.e., brother or sister); spouse (i.e., husband or wife).

grandfather; grandmother; granny; grandparents;

grandson; granddaughter; grandchild; grandchildren;

great-grandfather; great-grandmother; great-grandchild;


Adoption and related words

adopted child;

half-brother (half brother); half-sister (half sister);

stepfather; stepmother; stepbrother; stepsister; stepchild;



uncle; aunt; nephew; niece;

cousin; second cousin;

close relatives; distant relatives;

family members;


Relatives by marriage

in-laws; father-in-law; mother-in-law;

son-in-law; daughter-in-law; brother-in-law; sister-in-law;

Note the possessive case: my father-in-law's house; my sister-in-law's car


Age groups and related words

child; baby; newborn baby; infant; toddler; little boy; little girl; kid; childhood;

teenager; teenage boy; teenage girl; adolescent |ˌædəˈlesnt| ;

young man; young woman; adult; grownup;

middle-aged man; middle-aged woman; old man; old woman;

senior members of the family;


Marital status and related words

single; married; engaged; separated; divorced; widowed;

to marry; to get married; marriage;

husband; wife; spouse; ex-husband; ex-wife; divorce;

married couple; husband and wife;

married man; unmarried man; bachelor;

married woman; unmarried woman; single mother;

widow; widower;

fiancé |fiˈɒnseɪ|; engagement; engagement ring;

bride; bridegroom (groom); bridesmaid; best man;

wedding; wedding ring; wedding cake; newlyweds; honeymoon;

divorce; alimony; child support;


Other related words

ancestor |ˈansɛstə|; generation;

date of birth; place of birth; birthplace;

birthday; birthday party; birthday presents;

pregnancy; childbirth; the baby is due in June; birth;

death; funeral; cemetery; grave